Neo Dogmas

by The Twisted Minds

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released March 30, 2007

Recorded and mixed by Rémi Mayot at Snapcut Studio, France.
Mastered by Alan Douche at West West Side Studio.
Cover art by Claire Orrell.



all rights reserved


The Twisted Minds Annecy, France

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Track Name: Neo Dogmas, New Witches, New Dissidents
Dogma : authoritative principle, belief or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true.

Beliefs are changing, a new religion has come,
And I (and we) are witches in some despotism.
Neo dogmas, nouveaux dogmes,
Are back in town.

Freedom (only) to adore this new God called Consumption.
Where is your place if you don't get in line ?
Neo dogmas, nouveaux dogmes,
Are back in town.

So play this song on your stereo
And try to keep in mind that the rule is not defined yet.
I can't remember having ever pledged alliegence to any religion or dogma...
And i wish I'll never pledge alliegence, you got it i swear I'll never.

Cause what are we gonna do then :
When new witches will be burnt on stakes,
When new dissidents will be exihiled, away.
There is a time to relearn how to speak,
Is there any chance we could relearn to eat?
Is there any chance we could relearn to love?
Is there any chance we could relearn to think?

Domas of the quiet past are inadequat to the stormy present.
Abraham Lincoln
Track Name: Flies in Webs
Always going further and further,
Further than so called tasteless people who are not just so called dropouts
Oh yeah dude you're not better, cause you wear All Stars.
We're stuck just like

Flies in webs
Game in cage
I think we're not original, the quest is wrong,
It's a delusion, we correspond to some icons.
I'm not different but I'm trying to be as I am.

We don't even know what we stand for,
Kids don't even understand the anarchist symbols they sport !
It just a superficial demarcation, in anyway anti-establishment,
Stuck behind our image, are we peacocks in cages?
Punk rock is a delusion for pseudo rebel teenagers.

Flies in webs
Game in cage
I think we're not original, the quest is wrong,
It's a delusion, we correspond to some icons.
I'm not different but I'm trying to be as I am.
Track Name: The Girl From Augusta
The following song is based on a true story and may contain mature and sexual themes, intense violence and strong language.
It may not be suitable for ages under 18 and sensitive persons.

She’s standing beneath
the bright night sky of SP.
He’s driving around
to try to catch her black sad sight.
But Pretty Woman’s never seemed so far…
The kind of urban « love stories »
that you can’t see in Woody Allen’s movies.
Now some scientific words to describe
the whole program she can provide :

And that’s just the beginning,
cheap pussies and hard stuffs,
(he read on the website
« Take her to a motel », […] 
« Indulge (all) your fantasies » […]
« I don’t know if condom use is mandatory » […]
That’s right.

The next day, in the morning,
The broken doll can barely walk.
Her anus is bleeding,
Nevermind, he had so much fun…
Nevermind she got her 15 bucks ya…
Nevermind her cunt is a highway…
He took even nice pics ya !
And stole a woman’s dignity…

Buldings shelter victims of legal rape (from a decent life),
the forgotten of History !
Erica’s not the real whore cause real putas are among us.
They sell their souls not their bodies,
By will, not out of necessity…
Is it the way it is ?
Track Name: The Rebuke From Mrs Rice
He's barely used to the smells of dead flesh
Shelling is part of his daily life
A vague souvenir of a dream of reconstruction
Keeps him clear until the fall of the next block.
But who cares ?
Just a li(n)e dropped in the morning news...

Middle East, loads of useless peace processes
To pretend to avoid the next conflicts
Symbolize the non-will of "politic traders"
To sacrifice any part of their interests.

But the wind took the ashes,
Hope's back with this brand new day.
They believed in an everlasting peace,
Hard to succeed, easy to say.

An illusion before the dawn,
Just the last before the storm.
No masterplan to avoid this tragedy,
Of countries and their betrayed promises.

Everyboday says : "Our lives are sacred"
But some dead civilians on the floor represent nothing more than :
1) According to a Tsaal soldier interviewed on the 30th of july 2006,
the day of Cana's slaughter in Lebannon, where a shelling's mistake caused about 50 deaths
including at least 37 children :
2) For us, non concerned europeans : "a bunch of fallen pawns on a chessboard"
3) And for Ehud Olmert (Israel's prime minister) : a rebuke from Mrs Condoleeza Rice.
Leave Palestine and Lebannon alone !
Track Name: Getting Better
Walking down the street, I met my good ole buddy Willy,
(What's up buddy?)
He told me once more about his so-called shitty life,
(That seemed great to me)
Self pity, defeatism and never self derision
(if everyone were Willy)
No one'd joke, no one'd listen, no one'd take care, of eachother.

I came and tried to explain Willy
How positive life is.
You cannot carry this world!
Either in a good mood or depressed,
Misfortune exists
You just can make it better.

I remember and enjoy the good times like
Last time I saw (write your fave band's name here) ............. playing live
Some sing the sorrow
I'd rather pay tribute to happiness!

Ohhh it's getting better
Things are getting better
Ohhh it's getting better
Things are getting better
Ohhh it's getting better
Things are getting better
Ohhh for you, for me!

Since 1982,
Willy've always been getting up and down
The fact is that Willy's you, Willy's me,
Willy's everyone thinking "it's just the way it is"
It's up to you to raise your mess,
and to be the posi one, in this crowd !
Cause will is yours, will is mine,
will's everyone's, every single one!

So please keep the smile
And keep the faith
Pease keep singing along, yo!
Track Name: Alter Marseillaise
I proudly sang the Marseillaise in (july of) 1998.
I proudly sang the blood in peace time, is everything alright?

Patriotism is still considered as a state value, honorable stuff.
We still sing the song that justified
Napoleonic wars and empire and colonialsim.

I do keep my ID
And for sure I'm proud of what we are !

Aren't we meant to fight for ideas, for a real cause?
Instead of a blind concept of nation...
These ideas put us down, and don't put up,
They put us down, down, down.

(You're fucking dumb!)
How could I have sung such a song in 98 ?
After the recording of this album, I went to live in Australia for some months. I've never felt so french, and I miss so much my stinky cheese. That's my culture, my roots. But nothing in common with patriotism. Blind patriotism is a feeling that I can't understand, because it is only based on a place of birth, no value, just a flag, an anthem. It's matter of fact, patriotism drives to hate, confrontation with the other nation, so racism. Just stupid pride.
Culture is something to share and not to keep for ourselves. So why do we have to sing "Aux armes les citoyens, formez les bataillons, qu'un sang impur abreuve nos sillons" when we get a gold medal at the Olympic Games? I had a reason to be 200 years ago, not anymore. So why is the french government trying to make this law to make teach our good ol' national anthem in our school programs?
Track Name: Kids In An Open Jail
The same kids we used to be are still sitting,
On the same bench
and they keep spitting between their knees.

Fear of change, delusion of freedom
In their uniforms
Their one way ticket to conformism.

Trapped in their hometown,
Kids in an open jail,
Stuck in their habits, don't you feel the same?
Afraid of the outside, kids in an open jail.

Bang bang, he's trying to escape screws beat back to the fair path.
On their jackets, you can clearly read routine or bored housewife.
Their window on new horizons is obstructed by some bars,
Engraved, white on black, the words cowardice, convenience,
Everyone bears his own cross!

And I'm still trying to keep my distance,
With the weight of looks, and judgements,
The prison is self protected.

Trapped in their hometown,
Kids in an open jail,
Stuck in their habits, don't you feel the same?
Afraid of the outside, kids in an open jail.
Withdrawn on themselves,
Kids in an open jail,
Closed and selfish, don't you feel the same?
I keep my distance, kids in an open jail.

I'd like to walk on the world,
Why to rot in my golden prison,
I heard that elsewhere people are different,
I guess my time here is done.

Time to breakout,
Time to make a change, time to break the chains.
Track Name: He's Not For Me
Somebody came and took my place,
Is anybody out there to fall down with me?
I hoped, II waited but I failed, he went away...
Sure, I ain't any hero of corny movies.
I thought it was the lull before the storm,
Not right, the storm never came but he's gone.
Attraction was written all over our faces though,
With no pretence.

We'd become closer because we lived the same things,
We'd insult the cars when we're hitchhiking,
We'd think that last summer we're loving eachother yet,
I just reminds me that he's not for me.

Somebody came and stole my dreams,
I'm afraid that nobody's here to pass out with me,
I feel this loss as a pain deep inside my chest,
What I feel is symbolized by this bitterness.
I wished he would have crossed the boundary,
The one that separated him from me.
How can he ignore everygood thing we could live?
With no pretence.

And we would talk all night long about politics,
Or about his sister's travel in i don't know witch country,
Or about how hhe needs me,
But he's not for me,
So hard to remember these words :
He's not for me.

To me, these so huge and honest looks,
Made me so glad because I didn't have to,
Preteend to be somebody that I'm not,
Now pain, I know that I shouldn't look back,
Cause anyway somebody came and toook my place,
With no pretence.
Track Name: HXC Breakout
Look around, everything's so clean and cold
Rock & roll suffocates while mainstream goes.

Where is faith, where's honesty ?
We should bring em up, yeah bring em up again, right.

Where is heat, where's unity?
We should bring em up, so bring em up my friends !
I keep the faith in exhilaration
In smell of sweat
Until the living end.
I need more speed, more heat, more speed
I know the hell you're insane too
So come on,
And bring round,
Make it burn, yeah

Oh yeah baby,
I know you can burn icons down
In that city,
You can burn mainstream icons down
Track Name: Weekly Urban Walks
The same phenomenon every week,
The dance of modern people in the streets.
No longer involved in any cause,
The dancers walk until they shut the doors.

What do they walk for?
Short term delight, long term impact.
Bi-yearly fashions,
Bi-yearly bullets for our future.
Selfish consumers
Are nothing better than gunless killers.
One goal, one craving,
Satisfying their hedonist needs now.

And walk for low prices,
And walk for luxury (a Dior bag)
And walk in a system,
First walk for themselves!

A new target for my walk from now on.
Let's put some moral value pills
In my diet Coke glass.

Fight for union
Fight for the future
Fight for remembrance
Fight for the youngest.
Track Name: Everybody Naked
I'd like to see everybody naked,
And wear only honesty and will,
The will to stand up (STAND UP)
And with the back straight
Live for their innermost values.

I wanna see your face in the morning,
And appreciate it without paintings,
You know I'm fed up
With being supposed
To like you for haircut or for clothes!
While I could like you...
And what you are...

I'd like to see your scars,
Let me see your hidden charms,
More than a flattened pic
that i could have seen a thousand times on Myspace.

Could you see my strengths?
Could you see my weaknesses?
What taste do you leave?
Behind the screen
Ya baby what taste do you leave?
It tastes like you!
Track Name: Shadows From The Past Are Lights In The Future
Please bury me as you burried these people's scars.
Bury my son to avoid to leave any mark.
A rape of culture, one whole race robbery,
And forget the causes and hide the consequences of History.

Shadows from te past ain't light in the future
In our five minute culture.

How could we deal with progress?
As we try to fade the past.
Old generations'blindess
Don't force my to close my eyes.

Our governments created their own enemies,
And buried them under a zidanistic populist fever.
Slavery, slaughters that collective memory don't forget.
Yeah collective memory don't forget.

Who tried to dig to the real causes?
Sure we can keep talking about the weather and useless things,
But my city's burning cause we don't apologize !

Shadows from past are lights in the future,
But mistakes from the past seem to be a model to reproduce...
Track Name: Apologies From A 21st Century Western Man
In the midst of shadows in his sleep,
His native land was standing here.
But in the morning under whips, It bleeds.

With a hot iron that burns the skin,
Mankind laid down beneath his fears
Blank eyes blinded by his sweat and fields,

A past reign of terror, an age of gold.
Perpetuate, profitable.
The Failure of a civilizing mission,
I wish I never....

Recall to yourself these injuries
We left abroad without healing
A whole nation down on their knees

Through imperial atrocities
We held our flags in these countries
And raped their sons, oh yeah I wish .....I wish I never complained
Track Name: Feed The Masses
Can't you see we all use the same predefined certitudes?
As we said in Shadows : "who tried to dig up the real causes?"

I did try and found the same old ghosts,
Budding Goebbels in disguise.
Some Lords of media applying Mein Kampf's propaganda theories

Where ignorance feeds the masses.

And it drove us to hollow, sterile, self centered knowledges,
And we pass it off as culture.

Where ignorance feeds the masses.

Unmoral, easy emotionnal entertainment
Gave rise to a new fashism toward diversity.

Where ignorance feeds the masses.
Where ignorance feeds the masses.