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Rad Religion What can I say about this band? A buddy and I were scouring the internet for new bands one night stumbled upon this incredible find. Their 2007 release "Neo Dogmas" changed my life. In "Architects" Twisted Minds took their song writing to an entirely different level. Highly recommended for fans of Propagandhi & Orgasms. Favorite track: Waltz of Strangers.
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Out in april 2010.
You can order it CD digipak or 12" LP pictured vinyl with CD bundle (10€).
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released April 12, 2010

Recorded in january 2010 bu Laurent Nafissi and ourselves at NSR studio, France.
Mixed and mastered at The Blasting Room, Colorado by Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore.
Artwork by NADACORP

Youth Way, Guerilla Asso, 3 Tails, Shattered Thoughts, Oni Red Chords and GPS helped us putting it out.



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The Twisted Minds Annecy, France

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Track Name: Too Many Walls, Not Enough Bridges
Walls of shame
We call them
20 years
From Berlin
Belfast or
The Westbank

Separate brothers trying to regress,
They build borders, they fight to lock themselves !

Too many walls
Not enough bridges,
Actual stones
Or fictive fences.
The door is locked,
Who's got the keys?
We'll make them fall,
We'll cross the seas!!

A wise man came and dug a tiny hole,
Then he kept on deconstructing the wall,
And built a place where people come and go.
Track Name: Vendetta
Let’s fucking burn the cash
And tell about our revenge, 
As we march off to die,
Under the doomsday clock bell !

With tears in my eyes, and a contempt smile on their face,
The jackals lick their lips, as I’m stuck in the device of the State.
One match in my hand, at every dawn I draw away !

Let’s fucking burn the stocks
And tell about this revenge, 
As we march off to die,
Under the doomsday clock bell !

The old mercenaries of 29 put away
The figment of reason, the vows of suspicion that could’ve helped (us)
Refrain from this madness, at least for the sake of my faith, our faith !

Bend down! Who could ever believe?
Who could ever believe in what you pledged? 
The dawn! We’ll come across at the dawn
With this match in our hands we’ll pass the word
Let’s fucking burn the state
And take the final revenge, 
As we march off to die,
Under the doomsday clock bell !
Track Name: Our G-Spot
From morning walks
To late night conversations,
The running time, under their feet,
Slows down as their voices still bring in
A living hope and a brighter sight
Of what may still remain of our band’s life dream.
We raise our glass, rise and shine to sing
The hymn to our cherished brothers of the Santos bay,
Our faith in the golden sons of Jerez southern Spain.
‘Cause One Day, One day, the men of reason hit us on their way. And what else to say?

When the season is changing, we're proud to be nothing.
The standards are down, we're no mutt running nowhere!

Offering more than one could expect
Raise your glass, rise and shine to sing
The hymn to our cherished brothers of the Santos bay,
Our faith in the golden sons of Jerez southern Spain.
And someday, someday, reason itself may come hit our way. And what else to say?

To our brothers and idols Garage Fuzz and GAS Drummers.
Track Name: Getting Badder
By coming downtown I wondered what could I expect.
The common thought would tell me to make as many plans
as possible in the shadow of trees (that hide our history).
Trampled under the concrete, I try not to feel as much as I can
Fright, hate and denial.

Fright, hate and denial, long term exploitation
Believe in progression, think twice or you’ll waste the only chance

To try and explore in the land where people know,
That gold and silver won’t make men out of us unless we wipe off
That sleeping culture responsible for all the addictions that create distress,
Now get out of town as fast as you can.

Fright, hate and denial, Live in fascination
Believe in progression, think twice or you’ll waste the only chance
To make, of your town, a better place.
Track Name: The Wheel (Re-Inventing 'Born To Lose')
Forsaken, no matter what they say,
Betrayed : this feeling I just know too fucking well,
by them or by myself :
so far, I got dumped by my girlfriend (the only one I've loved),
and no hard-on with the hottest girl I've known.
I've wasted time, feeding my selfish dreams,
As the left-wing screwed the last elections...
And it goes on and on and on and on and on...

Cuz we keep losing patience, our faith, our rights.
But stand up, and shout !!
"Defeats are the last steps to greater achievements !"
Be sure I'll die a big smile on my face !
Check this out : defeats are the last steps to greater achievements.
So fuck them !
Track Name: Sands Of The Sahara
Between Conakry and Brussels
Thousands of feet above the sea,
They carried out a dream
On a crinkled frozen sheet.
We go south to travel,
They come north and drown.
It's never suicide, but a desire to survive.
Was there any place left for them to hope for life?
They crawled to address our masters,
They hoped, begged them for a favour.
What a stupid world we're living in
Step out! Emancipate the puppets
Cast out! Kouchner from foreign affairs.
No fucking way !
Time out, they wail for redemption from the fangs of terror.
Tear out the bounds from evils that bleed you white. Is it now too late for them to come back?
Fuck it!

People for whom culture exalts life
Live in a country where politics dash for death.
Their ancestors were recruited for a war that wasn’t theirs.
The sands of the Sahara took many disoriented young brothers.
Track Name: Airchitects
Waiting here through the ages,
The gargoyles over me
Stare at us, mocking smiles implying that
We're better at storytelling than at concrete achievements.

Growth is leading us nowhere.
Here is what I see :
Glitter flashes, paper houses, credits over generations,
We'll leave a gold mine where all the stones are gold-plated.

The more we know and the less we try
To make things better, to wonder why
Our society's declining, is falling apart,
Down to nothing, let's take a new start !

The heritage, we received,
Was a treasure not meant to regress
To the "air-itage" we will leave,
Too sweetened to conceal its emptiness.

Fly to where concerns are deeper,
A ticket to somewhere new,
A plane that would take us to progress,
But coming to the end :
We've been dumped in the boarding room.
Track Name: Please Legalize Murder So I Can Kill You
Watch out, we're here, we come from Annecy city !
Please stay, no fear, we're not from Cran Gevrier.
Be there, and stick around you little pricks,
Feel it, and screw it all !

We speak it out, don't you turn it off?
We come around, now you're freaking out !
Bombardos !
Track Name: Waltz of Strangers
Fooling ourselves in sexual parades.
She takes off my pants, we're safe in the shade :
In the night, I can be someone else.

Reflecting herself in my empty eyes.
Flattering myself in her short fake shouts,
One player on each side of the line.

Seducation, satisfaction, go !
Don't let me down !
Seducation, satisfaction, go !
Not down and out !
Seducation, satisfaction,
And give me one last drink before the next one.

“Be sure, I will call you back,
Or maybe, I see you next time...”
No cure, please don't ask why
We both don't feel fine.
No cure, please don't ask why
Once seduced, once satisfied, we go !
And we're all let down,
All down and out...

Is this love?
Track Name: Shareholders and Hijackers
No-one really gives a fuck about your profits.
They're busy searching for a ghost, a hypothetical threat.
The black prophet, the one making headlines,
One make-believe which doesn't oppress us.
We flatter the men who consume us,
We glorify vultures.

Give them a fucking myth, so they remain asleep.
Idiots will keep drooling and jewel their fucking hands,
With priceless crap they could never afford,
So let's quote Henrt Ford :
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system,
for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Track Name: Betraying Myself First
My loving friends please hear my dread
With all due respect I need to claim now
The melodramatic and predictable force
By which you created a musical romance.

"I like to think myself to sleep : glory is bound to come.
Always in quest for a plastic unity, my gestures fight my words !"

Christians and Holy Rome, young fans and ignorance,
I'd never chalk it up, no never chalk it up to the underground.
Tragic icons rejecting reality,
Made up symbols haunting a spot that keeps you down, a compromise of principle !

This scene gives me a fever.
It gives me a fever !

"I like to think myself to sleep : glory is bound to come.
Always in quest for a plastic unity, my gestures fight my words !"

Would you help me understand where this is going ?
Track Name: War Is Awesome
With my buddies we go to war,
We leave peace to hippies and fags,
The world is my favorite playground !
In case I get a leg chopped off,
My pension'd pay for my girl's new car,
And for my son's toy rifle.

And so we go :
Step into the mess,
As a good soldier, I'm possessed.
Yeah dude, I'll keep my promise
I'll shoot and kill and hit and rape !!

Time has come for war ! And war is awesome !

Ho Chi Minh, Laden, Saddam,
We don't know much about them.
This is bullshit, they're assholes.
Fuck the Muslims, fuck the reds,
Fuck the French and fuck the gays,
Don't touch the jews, watch your shoes !

Step back ! Phase 6 motherfuckers !
Sausage meat is what you'll be
in five short tiny minutes,
The cavalry's taking me out anyway!
We get out of here !

I'd rather blast them from the plane
So maybe I can pretend that those bastards live in a video game,
It's driving me insane.
Excitement grows, I wanna “set them free”,
Who the fuck said disgrace?
Maybe you “peace-man”, you're the true enemy.